Trey is a boutique digital imaging studio that specializes in high-end postproduction and cgi for editorial and advertising campaigns.

Founded by Elisabeth Winter, Michael Fitzthum and Felix Gahl in 2016, Trey’s team is able to draw from a wide range of talents and diverse backgrounds including fine art, design, illustration, photography, cgi, film, animation and architecture. An effective combination of creative excellence and attention to detail enables us to create distinctive images for a wide range of clients.

Our goal is to provide you with the best result possible, using the latest technology while maintaining a personal and highly creative environment.

Trey’s services include a full range of cgi, file processing, composing, pre-visualization, look development, pre-flight as well as a worldwide on-location service.

In addition to commercial assignments we always enjoy working on personal projects that fuel our passion for creativity and benefit our day to day work.

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